Worker’s Comp Patients

Note: Your worker’s compensation case worker, or your employer must contact us to make your first appointment.

What to expect as a worker’s compensation patient

It is our goal to provide an excellent experience for all of our patients. For our worker’s compensation patients, that means helping you navigate the process. We have dedicated staff to communicate with your employer and your case worker, so you can just focus on healing.

Arizona Hand and Wrist Specialists is committed to:

  • Accepting patients covered by workers’ compensation insurance
  • Providing evidence-based medical care that minimizes life disruption and work disability
  • Respecting and fulfilling the extra responsibilities that the workers’ compensation system creates including:
    • Same day/week appointments as necessary
    • Same day work status reports
    • 24 – 72 hour dictation reports
    • An option of one point of contact for all of your scheduling and administrative needs

Should you have any questions about our worker’s compensation process, please contact Cynthia Everlith at (602) 393-1010 or